Looking for Shooting Lessons in Derbyshire?

If so, then look no further than Doveridge! We have world class clay shooting facilities along with expert instructors who can help experienced shooters hone their skills or teach novices all the basics. Clay pigeon shooting is a truly exhilarating sport and we have some of the finest facilities in the UK which have hosted major international tournaments. Virtually every popular form of shooting is available here including English skeet, compak sporting, ABT and DTL to name just a few. We cater for both the complete beginner as well as the experienced pro so no matter what your shooting background is, our instructors can help you improve.

Shooting Lessons Midlands

The Best Shooting Lessons in the Midlands

Prices for our shooting lessons start from as little as £35 which includes cartridges, the instructor fee and all the equipment should you need it. Your instructor will teach you everything you need to know including how to taught how to hold, load and hit clay targets. Clay shooting is tough to master but easy to pick up and our specially designed courses for beginners will have you blasting targets out of the sky in no time. You can also ignore the rumours about gun recoil damaging people’s shoulders as that only happens if the firearm is misused. Our instructors will ensure this doesn’t happen and make your lessons stress free as well as enjoyable.

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We are open all year round so whenever you want to book your lessons, we’ll be here. And, we also have our very own Young Shots classes open to kids of all ages if you want to initiate them into the wonderful world of clay pigeon shooting from an early age. Doveridge is based deep in the heart of the Midlands countryside in Derbyshire and we also offer accommodation in our beautifully restored holiday cottages. To find out more about our shooting lessons today, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.