Clay Pigeon Shooting at Doveridge

We are immensely proud to possess some of the very best clay pigeon shooting facilities not only in the Midlands, but in the whole of the UK. Ran by the Bramley family who have represented England at international competition level and set over 70 acres of Derbyshire countryside, we have olympic standard facilities to ensure you have the very best clay pigeon shooting experience. And, with our resident shooting experts, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have as they will get you up and running in no time. In this blog, we are going to take a look at just some of the shooting disciplines available at Doveridge.

Clay pigeon Shooting

Types of Clay Shooting Available

There are many many variations when it comes to clay pigeon shooting and at Doveridge we have it all. Here is a taste of what we have available:

English Sporting

Perhaps the most popular form of clay pigeon shooting, we have three world class sporting layouts designed to represent natural environments. The targets accurately simulate the movement of various birds while the targeting system has limitless variety in terms of height, speed and trajectory. The course layouts are all of varying difficulty, with “The Garden” set up aimed at novices while “The Valley” offers a tough challenge for even the most experienced shooters.

English Skeet & Olympic Skeet

Both Sue and Clive Bramley have vast experience in the world of skeet shooting and have won medals at the highest levels. This experience shines through on our English and Olympic skeet courses with six different layouts across Doveridge. They are one of the largest in the UK and are maintained to the very highest of standards. We have played host to the CPSA World Skeet Championships which is testament to the level of the courses. The skyline is visible in all weather conditions and we provide gun racks and seating.

Down the Line

Very popular in the UK, down the line (DTL) is a great discipline for beginners. Using a shotgun and standing 16 yards behind the firing house, targets are relatively easy to hit but it takes a lot of concentration to hit consecutive targets. Usually consisting of 25 targets coming from varying angles, DTL shooting is a challenging but rewarding discipline. We have two DTL set ups and can also set up a voice activation system if required.

Compak Sporting

Fast and furious, compak sporting is a compacted version of clay pigeon shooting where the targets are fired randomly in all direction to keep you on your toes. There are plenty of targets to take aim at, making it suitable for beginners before tackling the more advanced course but can also be tweaked to give a challenge to the professionals.

Automatic Ball Trap

Another form of trap shooting, Automatic Ball Trap (ABT) involves firing the clays away from you in different directions which means fast reactions and sharp shooting skills are a must. ABT is done with a squad of six shooters with one in each of the five positions. You rotate positions until each of you has attempted to hit 25 targets. Targets will be called from the mounted position and our layout offers the perfect way to experience ABT shooting at its very best.

Get in Touch for Clay Pigeon Shooting in the Midlands

So, as you can see we offer a huge variety of shooting disciplines and they are all maintained to the highest standards. If you are interested in having a go at clay pigeon shooting then feel free to visit our Derbyshire base. Alternatively, get in touch with our clay pigeon shooting experts here for more information.