Corporate Days in Derbyshire are top target

corporate days in derbyshire

When taking aim for corporate days in Derbyshire; clay pigeon shooting is one of the most competitive activities you can book for your team.

It’s true that we spend most of our lives with our work colleagues and one of the ways to keep the team motivated and competitive are away days.

Think Outside the box for Corporate Days in Derbyshire

When it comes to booking a corporate day out of the office, you need to get in the mindset that whatever you book will get your team excited and looking forward to it.

Research has shown a happy workforce can be up to 20% more productive and let’s face it this can only mean more success for your business.

Workplace happiness is linked to staff morale so creating a positive experience is essential or the whole idea becomes pointless and could cause a negative effect.

It won’t matter if you’ve never tried clay pigeon shooting as our highly experienced team offer guidance, and who knows one of your team could be a hidden natural!

Corporate Days in Derbyshire ideal for Sales teams

We’ve all worked with or as part of a Sales team, and one of the key characteristics for any good Sales staff is their natural competitive edge.

They thrive on competition and are extremely motivated to be the best in their team, company or industry. This is why we feel clay pigeon shooting is the perfect away day for Sales teams.

If the team is smashing their targets this could be the perfect opportunity to reward them too.

Get in touch for the best corporate days in Derbyshire

Contact our team today to find out more about corporate away days at Doveridge Clay Sports Club and how we can help galvanise your team to get even better results.

This isn’t just a seasonal activity; clay pigeon shooting can be booked all year round and is one of those rare outdoor away day ideas that doesn’t need to be cancelled because of the weather.

We’re based at the picturesque Eaton Hall Farm in Ashbourne, set across 70 acres of rolling Weaver Hills; one of the finest locations for clay pigeon shooting in the country.