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Corporate days in the Midlands


When you are looking for the very best in corporate days in the Midlands for your team, why not try something a little different? We at Doveridge have been providing top notch corporate days in the Midlands, at our impressive facilities in Derbyshire. These corporate days can be tailored to your group size, through a variety of package options; whether you’re looking for a pleasant afternoon of shooting in the countryside, or prefer to extend your trip with a stay in our
holiday cottages.


Impress Clients or Treat Teams with Corporate Days in the Midlands

We all know how important professional relationships are. That goes for the relationship between an employer and their teams, as well as the relationship professionals have with their clients. Our corporate days in the Midlands are the perfect activity when you’re looking to build your professional relationships.

Our corporate days can help you make a great impression when entertaining clients. On arrival, you will receive a warm welcome from our teams, and will be introduced to your instructor for the day. There are some ground rules to cover when you attend corporate days in the Midlands with us, to make sure everyone has a safe and fun day.

You will then proceed with your chosen corporate package, and will have the opportunity to try your hand at a variety of shooting techniques. Depending on the selected package, you’ll also have the chance to show off your new skills in a friendly competition. We do provide catering for our corporate days in the Midlands, and you can view our menus here.

Book Your Corporate Days in the Midlands with Doveridge

If you are looking for impressive and memorable corporate days in the Midlands, then you can’t go wrong when you choose Doveridge. To book your day with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.