Clay Shooting in the West Midlands Specialists

clay shooting in the West Midlands

Clay shooting in the West Midlands at Doveridge Clay Sports is a great activity for a group of friends, family or co-workers alike.
All of the instructors working at Doveridge are fully trained with loads of experience that they can pass on to first time shooters and regular visitors too.

Teaching Tools for Clay Shooting in the West Midlands

If you’ve ever considered becoming a clay shooting instructor, here are some essential traits every instructor has –
Credibility – Having a wealth of experience in the shooting game will help to put the people you’re instructing at ease. Competing in high profile competitions and knowing how they run their shoots and the types of targets they present.
You wouldn’t have a driving lesson from someone who’s never driven a car, would you?
Communication – Being able to communicate effectively with your clients is a huge part of being an instructor. Everyone is different so being able to talk to beginners as clearly as a group of men on a stag do will help take all of your shooters skills to the next level.
Patience – Not everyone will be a natural when it comes to clay shooting so having a degree of patience is key. On the flipside, you may encounter experienced shooters who need a bit of guidance to adapt and improve their game.
Qualified – To be able to teach clay shooting you will need your own shotgun certificate plus it’s a good idea to have a firearms certificate.
Knowledge – Knowledge is power, so reading and researching extensively about the shooting world plus having a firm grasp of the main shooting methods is a big advantage. The more knowledge and techniques you can pass on to clients the better instructor you will be.

Give Clay Shooting in the West Midlands a Go

The Bramley family have been running Doveridge Clay Sports for 16 years, boasting years of shooting experience including Olympic Skeet and other competitions worldwide.
Clay shooting in the West Midlands at our stunning 70-acre grounds in Ashbourne, Derbyshire is one of the best ways to switch off the daily stresses of life.

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