3 Reasons Why Team Building Activities Are Important For Your Business

Team Building Activities At Doveridge Clay Sports

Employees are the most important part of any business, and no matter the size of your empire, keeping those who work for you happy is vital to productivity and getting good results…which is where team building activities come in.

We’re sure you’ve heard of them, and maybe the mere mention of team building has you rolling your eyes. ‘A whole day away from work? What good could possibly come from that?!’ Team building activities are one of the most important things you can do to keep your company pushing on. Here are three reasons why!

Team Building Activities Promote Better Workplace Relationships

 This is particularly true for large organisations, as individuals may not have the opportunity to mix. This could lead to the formation of cliques or even a sense of exclusion that will damage productivity. Team building activities offer an opportunity for all employees to chat and forge friendships in a relaxed and informal environment. As a result, employees enjoy better working relationships and enhanced well being. Which can only be a good thing, of course.

Team Building Activities Work On Problem Solving Skills

Also, collaboration in the workplace is key.  And team building activities bring together your most valued assets to hone and refine their skills. The beauty of team building activities is that they allow individuals to let down their guard and bring a whole new set of talents to the table. Consequently, working collaboratively as part of team building activities will supercharge confidence and promote more inclusive problem solving environments. What could be better?

Team Building Activities Are Fun

 Yes, we said it! Above all, team building activities are FUN for everyone involved. Nothing is more effective than a group of employees that know how to communicate, trust, and have fun with one another.

Team Building Activities at Doveridge Clay Sports

 Set over 70 acres of rolling Derbyshire countryside, Doveridge Clay Sports offers the very best in team building activities in the West Midlands. With a top-of-the-range shooting facility at your disposal and expert instructors on hand to get the best out of your team, we are proud to host team building days that your workplace will love! Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out which of our all-inclusive packages can work for you!


Start planning your corporate days in the Midlands now!

Corporate days in the Midlands

Now that the lighter nights are here, and summer is on it’s way, start planning your corporate days in the Midlands now! If you’re looking for something exciting to do with your work colleagues or customers, take a trip to Doveridge Clay Sports Club based in Derbyshire, and prepare to have a day filled with action packed activities.

We have everything you could possibly need to have a memorable day! From stunning grounds, clay pigeons, guns, and unique facilities, there really is nowhere else quite like us for your corporate getaways.

The perfect place for corporate days in the Midlands

We can guarantee that everyone will love our unique corporate days in the Midlands! It doesn’t matter if you have never tried clay shooting before, or if your experienced – anyone can join in and have an incredible time.

Corporate days are all about having fun and bringing people together… Here at Doveridge, we can do all this and more with our business packages! Bring work colleagues closer and test their skills in clay shooting activities to bring out their strengths – this will even be useful to consider back in the workplace!

If you are attending our corporate days in the Midlands with customers, this is a great opportunity to form a close relationship with them and treat them to this fabulous experience and we guarantee your customers will appreciate you even more.

To really top of your day with us, we will also cater for everyone you bring along! Don’t worry about anyone going hungry because we have plenty to choose from – browse through our delicious menus here.

Contact us to book your corporate days in the Midlands

Does our corporate days in the Midlands sound like something for you? Get in touch with us today and book your visit! If you want to stay longer than a day, stay in our holiday cottages for a weekend for the complete package that everyone will remember forever!


Unforgettable corporate days in the Midlands!

Corporate days in the Midlands

Enjoy action packed corporate days in the Midlands at Doveridge Clay Sports Club! Whether you want to gain skills with team building days, spend a day with your customers or simply make memories with colleagues, we have some exciting opportunities for you to enjoy in the Derbyshire countryside.

Safety is always the priority. During your time with us you will learn the skills of loading a gun, how to aim it and shoot clay pigeons. Don’t worry, you do not have to be experienced to do this – our expert instructors will teach beginners and experienced shooters, so anyone can enjoy our impressive facilities.

Why choose us for corporate days in the Midlands?

Within our corporate days in the Midlands you will combine having fun with learning to shoot and gain some valuable lessons for in the workplace in the process.

Team building days are the perfect opportunity to spend time with workers and bring each other closer – you may even find the natural leaders within your organisation. Get creative, improve problem solving skills and clearly define goals. Investing in staff and the collective morale can improve work productivity.

Make our corporate days in the Midlands the first on your list this year and boost your relationships with customers or co-workers. Our specially designed grounds and activities will be just what you need to ignite some energy into your workplace.

Chat to us about our corporate days in the Midlands

If you would like to know more information about our corporate days in the Midlands, contact our team today and we can chat about our amazing business packages.
You may even find that you want to stay over in our holiday cottages and enjoy more of the beautiful grounds! We even have delicious food menus to keep you fuelled up – there really is nowhere else to go for a perfect corporate experience.


Corporate days in the Midlands for every occasion!

Corporate days in the Midlands

If you’re looking for action-packed corporate days in the Midlands, then we have something for you here at Doveridge Clay Sports Club! With 16 years’ experience behind us, access to the very best facilities, and a passion for all things clay pigeon related, our corporate days are renowned for being the best in the area! Designed to test your skills and build strong relationships, you’re guaranteed to truly fun packed day from start to finish! We can even help you to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your team whilst learning who the true leaders are…

Our corporate days in the Midlands are perfect for team building

If you’ve not joined us for one of our corporate days in the Midlands before, you may be surprised at how our events can bring out the best in people… Set in the stunning Derbyshire countryside, we can offer you an authentic experience that is tailored for all levels of experience. Our instructors have a wealth of experience and will provide you with everything you need, from full tuition and gun handling tips, to safety equipment and most importantly, a friendly welcome! Whether you’re an expert or a total beginner, our staff will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your experience!

By attending one of our corporate days in the Midlands, your team will develop key team building skills that are used in day-to-day life, especially within your business! In fact, your team will be completing competitive tasks which focus on problem solving, creativity and productivity. This means that when you leave us, you can reflect on what you have learnt and you could even apply the skills to improving the efficiency of your business!

Contact us about our corporate days in the Midlands

If you are interested in joining us for a spot of clay shooting or you would like to find out more about our corporate days in the Midlands, then please get in touch today! We have several business packages to choose from which cater to teams of all sizes and we will also provide you with complimentary tea and coffee on tap to ensure that you’re ready for the big day!


Your First Choice for Corporate Days in the Midlands

Corporate days in the Midlands


When you are looking for the very best in corporate days in the Midlands for your team, why not try something a little different? We at Doveridge have been providing top notch corporate days in the Midlands, at our impressive facilities in Derbyshire. These corporate days can be tailored to your group size, through a variety of package options; whether you’re looking for a pleasant afternoon of shooting in the countryside, or prefer to extend your trip with a stay in our
holiday cottages.


Impress Clients or Treat Teams with Corporate Days in the Midlands

We all know how important professional relationships are. That goes for the relationship between an employer and their teams, as well as the relationship professionals have with their clients. Our corporate days in the Midlands are the perfect activity when you’re looking to build your professional relationships.

Our corporate days can help you make a great impression when entertaining clients. On arrival, you will receive a warm welcome from our teams, and will be introduced to your instructor for the day. There are some ground rules to cover when you attend corporate days in the Midlands with us, to make sure everyone has a safe and fun day.

You will then proceed with your chosen corporate package, and will have the opportunity to try your hand at a variety of shooting techniques. Depending on the selected package, you’ll also have the chance to show off your new skills in a friendly competition. We do provide catering for our corporate days in the Midlands, and you can view our menus here.

Book Your Corporate Days in the Midlands with Doveridge

If you are looking for impressive and memorable corporate days in the Midlands, then you can’t go wrong when you choose Doveridge. To book your day with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.