Come to Doveridge for Clay Lessons in the Midlands

Doveridge Clay Sports is one of the very few Premier Plus Shooting Grounds in the country which offers a wide variety of all clay shooting disciplines. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried it before, our in depth clay lessons will ensure you have all the skills to develop into a confident shooter. On your shooting lessons you will meet one of our expert instructors, who will take you to one of our clay shooting stands and then here you will be taught how to hold, load and hit clay targets. Our expert instructors are on hand to help you step of the way, and if you’re worried about recoil, don’t be! Our dedicated teachers are highly experienced in making your lesson stress free and enjoyable.

Whether you are looking for a new pursuit or just want to try something new, clay pigeon shooting may well be the sport for you. Why not come and try your hand at a fresh and exciting hobby!

Team Building Days in the Midlands

Clay Shooting with Friends

Why not get a group of friends together and all have a go, it can be a great hobby to enjoy with others! To ensure you have everything you need the price of your lesson includes your instructor, hire of the gun, all the clay targets, cartridges and hearing/eye protection. Struggling to find a gift for someone special? Be original, and give them shooting lessons! We can provide you with a voucher which will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. Click here for a gift voucher, or if you’re interested in clay lessons in The Midlands then contact us today. Our dedicated team is here to help you have the best clay pigeon shooting experience!

Price of Have a Go Sessions:

  • 25 clays and cartridges, Instructor, Hire of all Equipment – £48 per person
  • 50 clays and cartridges, Instructor, Hire of all Equipment – £65 per person
  • 75 clays and cartridges, Instructor, Hire of all Equipment – £85 per person
  • 100 clays and cartridges, Instructor, Hire of all Equipment- £110 per person

Price for lessons :

  • This for people with their own shotgun.  So lessons to help improve you shooting skills are £60 per hour for the Instructor plus you would need to pay for any clays and cartridge you use.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch!