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Here at Doveridge we strive to provide you with the best of the best in clay pigeon shooting facilities. To back this statement up we have been awarded the CPSA Premier Plus rank, one of the highest accolades achievable for a clay shooting range thus ensuring every aspect of the facility is meticulously maintained. This proves that our sporting facilities are one of the best in the UK with only a few other shooting ranges being awarded this rank.

We are situated in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside providing you with great scenery as you blow a clay target to smithereens. Our automatic traps work on the Claymate system which allows you to choose what you want to shoot and when, including the delay option which will allow shotgun license holders to shoot by themselves. We also provide automatic ball traps and Olympic traps, down the line and compak sporting, English sporting and high tower as well as English skeet and Olympic skeet.

English Sporting

Set in natural surroundings, our sporting layouts are designed to simulate the behaviour of game birds, therefore many targets in this discipline will be named for the behaviour that they exhibit. For example, springing teal, pigeon, rabbits etc are available. The targets have limitless variety in terms of height, speed and trajectory, and normally two different targets are presented at each shooting location. We’re extremely proud of our sporting facilities, as they rank amongst the finest in the UK. We have two dedicated locations for English sporting, set over many acres of stunning Derbyshire countryside.

  • The Valley – An impeccably kept valley location designed to deliver ‘natural’ feeling targets. We have up to 14 competition level stands available throughout the year, which we regularly change and alter to ensure our regular visitors don’t become complacent!! It’s true we’re a ground that has earned its’ reputation for challenging targets!
  • The Garden (inc. Flush) – We’re one of the few grounds to have a dedicated novice location for sporting targets. It’s a shame when newcomers to the sport want to try their hand at clay shooting, to find they’re shooting at the same targets that regular shooters are pitting their wits against. This location is perfect for private tuition, a group of stags or hens looking for some fun, and corporate bookings.
  • Flush – There are five traps set on the high bank in the Garden, enabling us to host a fun for your group. The traps’ trajectories are fixed in this setting, but everyone’s skill will still be tested! Booking for the Garden must be booked in advance, or can be added to your corporate booking (a GREAT way to finish off the day!)
  • Our game shooting facilities – At Doveridge, you can enjoy some incredible game shooting settings, so no matter what your skill level is you’ll be able to face up to some great challenges.

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English Skeet & Olympic Skeet

At Doveridge Clay Sports Club, you can enjoy a range of English and Olympic skeet facilities, as we have a number of exceptional settings for this sport.  We currently have 6 Skeet layouts on our ground, which is one of the largest in the UK. They are all impeccably maintained; as a previous host of The CPSA World Skeet Championships, the standard of the targets are top class.   Gun racks and some seating is provided. Skyline backdrops ensure targets are visible in all weather conditions. We are hosting the CPSA World Skeet Championships this year, confirming the quality of the setup.  Similar to English Skeet with some major differences! Shot over 8 stands, the targets are shot in a different order and there is a random 0-3 second delay between the target being called and the trap releasing it The gun cannot be pre-mounted, and must not be mounted until the target is seen. In addition to this the targets are faster and fly further.  We have one permanent Olympic Skeet layout available however, where required (i.e. competitions), we can set up any of our 5 English Skeet layouts to adhere to Olympic standards.  Impeccably kept, measured and maintained, the standard of the targets are world class, and we are able to provide gun racks and seating. The skyline backdrops available in our layouts ensure targets are visible in all weather conditions.

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Compak Sporting

Compak Sporting is an incredibly exciting sport that is ideal for those with an interest in shooting. It is a compacted version of clay pigeon shooting and is fast becoming one of the most popular shooting activities at Doveridge Clay Sports Club.  Compak Sporting is a great discipline for beginners, as it gives you lots of targets to break. It also teaches the art of concentration on the shooting circuit, allowing you to move up the ranks until you are ready to tackle some of the more difficult shooting activities we have available.  A round of Compak Sporting usually consists of 25 targets. There are five firing positions and the targets rise at a constant angle. However, the targets are fired randomly across the horizontal plane, ensuring you’re kept on your toes at all times!  We have a permanent Compak Sporting setup available throughout the year, comprising an array of challenging sporting targets for all levels of shooting ability. We regularly tweak and change the targets to ensure plenty of variation!

Down The Line (DTL)

Down the Line (DTL) is the most popular trap discipline shot in the UK. A squad consists of five shooters. Targets are thrown away from the shooters from a single trap, with shooters standing 16 yards behind the firing house, where they fire at the rising targets.  It is a great discipline for beginners, as the targets are quite easy to hit, but you need a lot of concentration to maintain it. A round usually consists of 25 targets. There are five firing positions and, even though the targets rise, they do so at a constant angle. However, the targets are fired randomly across the horizontal plane.  We currently have two DTL setups, situated in the same location as our skeet ranges. We can set up a voice activation system if requested in advance.

Automatic Ball Trap (ABT)

Automatic Ball Trap (ABT) is the second most popular trap discipline in the UK, next to Down The Line (DTL). An ABT squad consists of six shooters. Only one target is taken at each stand before moving to the right for the next target. Two shots are allowed at each target. There are five stands with a waiting position for the sixth shooter.  ABT targets are faster and have a greater range of angles and heights than DTL. Targets are thrown away from the shooters on random trajectories from a single trap in front of the centre stand. Situated in the same vicinity as our skeet ranges, we currently have a permanent ABT Layout and the backdrop and skyline allow for near perfect shooting conditions for this discipline.

High Tower

We have a High Tower situated amongst the lower area of our grounds. Standing at approx 150ft tall, set on a natural high bank surrounded by woodland and fitted with four traps at any one time, the High Tower is very popular with many of our visitors. The sequence of the targets can be programmed to suit personal tastes and abilities, and can be of great help to the game shooter wanting to brush up on their skills before the season.

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