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Visit the finest shooting grounds in the Midlands

Our shooting grounds are not only considered the best in the Midlands, but also the best in the country, having hosted clay shooting events all the way to World Championship levels. Located in the Derbyshire countryside, not only are our shooting grounds well equipped for a range of activities, they are also beautifully maintained all year around, and we boast a stunning view the entire way round our shooting grounds in the Midlands. Thanks to our countryside location, we’re able to recreate the environment that you would find when shooting in the wild, so you’ll get a realistic, exhilarating experience at our shooting grounds.

Olympic Skeet Shooting Grounds in the Midlands with Doveridge Clay Sports
Skeet Shooting Grounds in the Midlands with Doveridge Clay Sports
Corporate Shooting Grounds in the Midlands with Doveridge Clay Sports

Two of our shooting grounds, the Valley and the Garden, are great for any number of activities and experiences beyond being excellent shooting grounds for the Midlands. We can cater for all levels of experience and skill, from beginners to experts. We frequently host sessions at our shooting grounds for private tuition from our shooting teachers, all of whom are certified practitioners with years of experience in the sport. We take great pride in our shooting grounds and we welcome not only people from the Midlands but from all over the country to come and enjoy them with us.

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At our shooting grounds in the Midlands, we can also hold a number of events with a firearm focus: corporate events, hen and stag parties are just a few of our frequent specialities. On top of this, we can offer lessons for anyone who is completely new to the sport or needs a little extra help to hone their skills further. For more information about our shooting grounds in the Midlands and the services we offer, get in touch with the Doveridge team today – we will be more than happy to help with all of your questions and queries.

Shooting grounds in the Midlands – First visit?

Shooting for the first time might seem a little daunting to some, but it really isn’t! There’s no need for anything but excitement if you’re planning a trip to Doveridge shooting grounds in the Midlands – the day will be full of new experiences and you’ll create some memories that you’ll never forget. In fact, once you’ve been and used our shooting grounds you are guaranteed to return for another visit.  If you’re shooting for the first time you probably want to know a little more about our shooting grounds; we’ve outlined below some of the things you might enjoy as a new shooter.

Scenic Shooting Grounds in the Midlands

Our beautiful shooting grounds are kept so by the wonderful staff here at Doveridge, ensuring that your surroundings create the very best shooting atmosphere.  We have the valley and the garden, both of which make up a large section of our  shooting grounds in the Midlands and contain 19 shooting stands between them. As a beginner, you will be in awe of the shooting grounds and facilities here at Doveridge – they make for an incredible experience and ensure that you get the most out of your day.

If you’ve never tried it before, our Down The Line sport is probably one of the best places to start. You stand in a team of five and shoot at rising targets, but the targets are relatively easy to shoot and shooters tend to pick up the techniques fairly quickly.

In addition to this, we also have a high tower which is locate within our shooting grounds. The sets can be personalised to suit each shooters abilities and skill levels, allowing you to be challenged the ideal amount and therefore get enough enjoyment out of the day.  These shooting ground facilities are at world class level and provide an authentic, professional experience.