Shooting grounds in the West Midlands

Searching for shooting grounds in the West Midlands area doesn’t need to be difficult; at Doveridge we have a range of excellent facilities for you to use and take advantage of. Our shooting grounds can not only be considered the best in the West Midlands area but also the best in the country. Located in the Derbyshire countryside, our grounds are well equipped and ideal for a range of activities, whilst also being idyllic and beautifully maintained. With our shooting grounds being located in the countryside, they have the ability to recreate a shooting environment in the wild and therefore provide you with a more realistic experience.

Shooting Grounds in the West Midlands
Corporate Shooting Events in the West Midlands with Doveridge Clay Sports

Visit our Shooting Grounds in the West Midlands

Two of our shooting grounds in the West Midlands – the Valley and the Garden, are great for all activities and experiences as they’re well maintained and equipped with everything you need to make the perfect day. Our shooting grounds can cater for all levels of experience and skill from beginners and experts. We have locations within our shooting grounds for private tuition by shooting teachers who have years of experience within the sport and are the best in the West Midlands area. We take great pride in our facilities and we welcome not only people from the West Midlands but from all over the country. Our shooting grounds are very well maintained and are great for a range of sports and activities.

Looking for a different party venue? Our shooting grounds, are regularly home to corporate events and hen and stag parties. And don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner, we provide shooting lessons for those who are starting from scratch, need a little extra help or want to hone their skills further. For more information about our shooting grounds and the services we provide, get in touch with the Doveridge team today who will be able to help with all your queries.

Are you using our shooting grounds in the West Midlands for the first time?

If you’re shooting for the first time and feel a little apprehensive about what to expect, there’s no need to worry! Our shooting grounds have the very best facilities in the West Midlands, and we’re proud to have experienced staff who are trained to instruct and advise all visitors. This means that you’re in safe hands, so you can relax and enjoy the day!  We know you probably want to know a little more about our shooting grounds before you arrive, so we’ve outlined what to expect in your clay pigeon shooting experience below:

Explore the picturesque surroundings of our shooting grounds in the West Midlands:

Our shooting grounds in the West Midlands are impeccably kept by the staff here at Doveridge, and being located in the countryside we are lucky enough to benefit from the surroundings that make your day so authentic. The valley and the garden both offer completely unique shooting facilities, allowing us to set up shooting sets that suit everyone from the novice shooter to the shooting expert. We also ensure that we alter the stands regularly to make sure that regular visitors don’t get used to the targets and always have a fresh challenge to tackle.

One of the most popular beginner sports here at Doveridge is Down The Line, where a group of five shooters stand and fire at rising targets which are fired randomly in a round of 25. If you’re shooting for the first time, this could be ideal for you as the targets are a little easier to shoot and you will notice your technique improve quickly.

We also have a high tower situated in within the shooting grounds, from which the targets can be personally set to the shooter’s skill level and ability. If you’re interesting in trying your hand at English skeet, we also have the facilities for this in our shooting grounds, with 6 skeet layouts at world class level.

Don’t put it off, get in touch today to find out more about the best shooting grounds in the West Midlands!