Ready…Get Set…GO!

Our all new sharp shooter is a real test of speed and accuracy!  Far from being the usual boring air rifle set up you really are against the clock on this one!

Fun for all ages!

When you hit the first target, the time starts. The aim of the game from there is simple, hit all the targets in a specific order and load the rifle in the fastest time possible. As soon as you knock down the last target the clock stops. Sounds easy?

When your racing against the clock and have the rest of your party willing you to miss or knock down the wrong target it soon becomes a real test of skill! Once everyone has shot, its time to see are you the best speed shooter around? Or did that last second count for all the wrong reasons.

This experience is a real hit with stag and hen groups as well as for team building, or why not get the family together for that birthday or special occasion. We guarantee, fun will be had by all ages!