Our Ground Rules

All visitors and members must be safe which means following some basic rules.  Anyone seen shooting dangerously or acting in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave.

Please follow these basic rules and everyone will enjoy a safe day out:

  • When walking around the grounds please have your gun in a gun slip or case.
  • If out of a gunslip or case please make sure the gun is broken.
  • Only load your gun when you are in the stand ready to shoot.
  • Always unload your gun when leaving a stand.
  • Never leave a gun unattended.
  • Never point a gun at a person.
  • Please do not approach or tamper with any of the automatic traps.
  • Please only shoot clays and no animal life.
  • We highly recommend wearing hearing protection, safety glasses and a hat when shooting around our grounds.
  • Always obey signs around the ground.
  • Please listen to any instruction given to you by a member of staff.
  • No Steel Shot to be used on the ground.
  • 28 Gram of shot maximum.
  • Please do not instruct any non shotgun certificate holders.  You must use one of our qualified instructors for this to be legal and safe.