Premier Guns

Premier Guns are the UK’s Premier shotgun dealer. With around 500 guns in stock we offer an unbeatable selection of both new and used guns that no other gun shop can rival. We have guns from all the leading manufacturers. We are Beretta Premium Dealers (one of only a handful in the UK), Browning/Miroku Partner dealers and Blaser and Benelli main agents. We have guns in stock from a few hundred pounds to £25,000 and everything in between. We cater for lady and junior guns and in particular left hand shooters. We have a wide range of sporting, trap and game guns plus semi automatics for both competition and field use. Finally we have an excellent selection of small gauge shotguns including 20 and 28 gauges.

One of the things that sets Premier Guns apart from other gunshops is our dedication to gun fitting and providing the correct gun for the customers needs. Our experienced staff have a wealth of knowledge on the subject and with the help of our fleet of demonstration guns to ‘try before you buy’ we will get the perfect fit. Used guns can also be tried prior to purchase (charges may apply). We are happy to advise on the fit of your existing gun also. Book a gun fit session including the use of our demo guns from £55 plus VAT

For the ultimate shooting experience, how about a trip to the famous Beretta for a custom fitted bespoke gun? Along with the very best in hospitality from the Premier Guns Team we will fly you out there to select your woodwork and have a gun built to your exacting requirements.


Our all new ladies only shooting club Premier Girls encourages all kinds of ladies shooting. We are very pleased to help promote ladies shooting with our advice to create confident, proficient and knowledgeable lady guns.

Our newly extended clothing and accessory department boasts a huge range for both clay and game shooters alike. We have clothing and footwear from leading brands including Schoffel, Beretta, Alan Paine, Musto and Le Chameau. We have lots to choose from in terms of eye and ear protection plus a whole host of gunslips, cartridges bags and cleaning equipment. We can also help with and sell products to help with eye dominance.We also carry Brattonsound and Lokaway security cabinets

Premier Guns is open 7 days a week and guns can be tried from Wednesday-Sunday.


Make it your own with our Gun Smith!

With both our new and second hand guns the gun fit is a big part of their performance!  To make sure that we fulfil all of your clay pigeon shooting and gun needs we have an independent onsite gunsmith.  Our gunsmith is available to make all of the alterations necessary, to ensure your gun is tailored to your specific requirements! Contact us for more information on our Gunsmith in the Midlands.