JOIN NOW…. Only £65 per year

You do not have to be member to shoot at Doveridge Clay Sports Club, but if you are planning on coming regularly it will save you money…


Membership runs for 12 months and costs £65.00 per year. The benefit of being a member is the reduced cost of clays.

Members clays are 24p per clay (£24.00 per hundred)  where as non-members clays are 30p per clays (£30.00 per hundred)

If you planning on coming regularly a saving of £6.00 per hundred soon pays back the membership fee.

Non Members

Non members are always welcome at Doveridge Clay Sports any time during our open hours.

The cost per clay is 30p (£30.00 per hundred)

Please note if you do require to purchase cartridges or loan a gun you must have your shotgun certificate with you.

Please contact us if you require more information and we will be happy to help.