The Benefits of a Clay Pigeon Shooting Team Building Day

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Building your corporate team around a clay pigeon shooting day is the ideal way to assess your staff and work on the attributes that make a group come together and work more effectively. Here are some of the methods, benefits and techniques to get your team building day in Derbyshire off to a flying start.

7 tips and benefits of a Clay Pigeon Shooting Team Building Day

1. Getting away from the workplace is the first stage of a successful team building experience. Taking your staff into the Derbyshire countryside for clay pigeon shooting sets the stage for the day and takes everyone away from their usual roles and behaviours within day to day working life.

2. Clay pigeon shooting is a great leveller – unlike some team day activities anyone and everyone can do this. Fitness and mobility are not an issue here; all participants have a sense of equality within this fully inclusive activity.

3. Being outside is great! Too much of our modern life is spent indoors and being in the fresh air surrounded by beautiful scenery and cooperating with colleagues in a positive environment really gets the endorphins flowing.

4. What are your outcomes? Defining the purpose of your day, whether it is a fun reward or something more serious like trying to gel merging departments will give the experience purpose and your group will gain more from it. Whatever you want to achieve from your team building day we can help you achieve it.

5. Clay pigeon shooting is a team activity. Throughout the day you will be working on communication, trust, procedures, goal setting and targets in both a literal and metaphorical sense. Your group will be aiming towards a greater sense of cooperation and the pathway to success under the guise of a fun competition in the great outdoors.

6. Clay pigeon shooting is an effective team building activity which fosters team spirit and boosts camaraderie amongst colleagues.

7. This activity can be tailored to suit any number of participants and businesses large and small. It is an investment in the most important asset to your business – your staff.

When you bring your team to Doveridge Clay Sports you are in great company! We are one of a few Premier Plus Shooting Grounds in the country. We have successfully hosted some of the world’s most prestigious clay shooting events including English, British and World Championships.

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The Perfect Location for a Derbyshire Team Building Day

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Businesses from across the Midlands can escape the workplace to enjoy a team building day in the heart of seventy acres of the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. When you arrive you will be sure of a warm welcome, stunning scenery and plenty of fresh air at one of the finest shooting venues in Derbyshire and the Midlands.

Team Building to Suit all Midlands Businesses

Perhaps you are looking for a fun reward day for your staff or maybe you would like to put a management team through its paces with something more competitive and some clearly defined team building goals. Whatever you choose we have a venue that can accommodate your team building requirements and our expert instructors will get everyone on target even if they have never shot a clay before. Take a virtual tour and find out more about our team building days in Derbyshire.

All Team Building Roads Lead to Doveridge

Doveridge Clay Sports and Corporate Events are conveniently situated along the A50, the main route that links the M6 to the west and the M1 to the east. Corporate groups from Birmingham and West Midlands can head north on the A515 through Staffordshire. This means you can travel easily from most areas in the Midlands region and your team can meet at this fantastic location within a short timescale; you will get more out of your Derbyshire team building experience.

Team Building Packages to Suit all Budgets

We can organise a team building event for Midlands businesses of any size. Our Small Business Package starts from £35 per person with 25 clays, cartridges, full guidance from our expert team and an endless supply of teas and coffees! This is an excellent value and affordable option for your organisation. If you would like a full days clay pigeon shooting experience for your team building day with us then our Gold Corporate Package lasts a full day with a massive 100 clays and lunch too. After completing that you might want to add a stay over option at one of our holiday cottages to unwind before heading back the next day feeling energised, refreshed and ready to tackle your next set of business goals. See our team building packages.

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View our full range of corporate team building packages or maybe you would like us to devise a bespoke experience especially for your team building activity. If so, please get in touch we would be delighted to advise you and create a truly memorable team building experience for you and your colleagues.