Begin a new hobby this summer with clay lessons in the Midlands!

Try clay lessons in the Midlands this summer!

As the weather begins to slowly improve and summer comes our way, it’s time to get outdoors.  And spending time in the great outdoors is great for both our mental and physical health. While a new hobby is an opportunity to learn and improve on a skill.

If you’re looking for something new to do in the fresh air come rain or shine (we’re looking at you, British summer weather) then clay sports shooting might be just the thing to kickstart a new hobby in 2019.

Whether you are responsible for organising hen or stag do activities, or you’re looking for fun things to do, clay sports shooting is an activity that can be enjoyed by both experienced shooters and complete beginners alike.

At Doveridge, we offer a range of variations in clay shooting including English skeet & Olympic skeet, compak sporting, down the line, automatic ball trap, and high tower. If this all sounds a bit too technical for you right now, don’t worry! We also offer clay lessons in the Midlands for complete beginners, with highly qualified instructors who will show you the ins and outs in a friendly environment.

What to expect from clay shooting lessons?

If you’re on the hunt for clay lessons in the Midlands, here at Doveridge Clay Sports we’ve got you covered. In your first lesson, one of our expert instructors will introduce you to the basic skills you’ll need to become a pro. From one of our specially built clay shooting stands, you’ll be shown:

  • How to stand;
  • Posture;
  • Loading your gun;
  • Safety;
  • How to shoot accurately

We’re no strangers to beginners of clay shooting, so why not visit us soon. Our lessons are geared towards building your confidence from the ground up in a stress free and enjoyable way. We’re sure you’ll love it!

Get in touch for clay lessons in the Midlands

Whether you’re a solo enthusiast looking to hone your skills, a group of friends after a great day out, or you’re on the hunt for a team building activity that’s a little bit different – clay sports shooting is a fantastic option that everyone can enjoy.

Contact our team today for more information and booking. Or, if you’re on the hunt for a gift with a twist, check out our gift vouchers!



3 Reasons Why Team Building Activities Are Important For Your Business

Team Building Activities At Doveridge Clay Sports

Employees are the most important part of any business, and no matter the size of your empire, keeping those who work for you happy is vital to productivity and getting good results…which is where team building activities come in.

We’re sure you’ve heard of them, and maybe the mere mention of team building has you rolling your eyes. ‘A whole day away from work? What good could possibly come from that?!’ Team building activities are one of the most important things you can do to keep your company pushing on. Here are three reasons why!

Team Building Activities Promote Better Workplace Relationships

 This is particularly true for large organisations, as individuals may not have the opportunity to mix. This could lead to the formation of cliques or even a sense of exclusion that will damage productivity. Team building activities offer an opportunity for all employees to chat and forge friendships in a relaxed and informal environment. As a result, employees enjoy better working relationships and enhanced well being. Which can only be a good thing, of course.

Team Building Activities Work On Problem Solving Skills

Also, collaboration in the workplace is key.  And team building activities bring together your most valued assets to hone and refine their skills. The beauty of team building activities is that they allow individuals to let down their guard and bring a whole new set of talents to the table. Consequently, working collaboratively as part of team building activities will supercharge confidence and promote more inclusive problem solving environments. What could be better?

Team Building Activities Are Fun

 Yes, we said it! Above all, team building activities are FUN for everyone involved. Nothing is more effective than a group of employees that know how to communicate, trust, and have fun with one another.

Team Building Activities at Doveridge Clay Sports

 Set over 70 acres of rolling Derbyshire countryside, Doveridge Clay Sports offers the very best in team building activities in the West Midlands. With a top-of-the-range shooting facility at your disposal and expert instructors on hand to get the best out of your team, we are proud to host team building days that your workplace will love! Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out which of our all-inclusive packages can work for you!


Treat Dad With A Stay At Our Holiday Cottages In The West Midlands

Treat dad with a stay at our cottages in the west midlands

Father’s Day is only a month away (Sunday 16th June – don’t forget!) and if you’re looking for ways to treat your dad, why not book a stay at one of Doveridge Clay Sports holiday cottages in the West Midlands?

Accessible from anywhere in the country, our centrally located holiday cottages are the perfect getaway for busy dads and families.

About our beautiful holiday cottages in the West Midlands

At Doveridge, we think it’s so important to enjoy time surrounded by green spaces and fresh air. That’s why our self catering holiday cottages in the West Midlands are the perfect location for a weekend break away from the hustle and bustle. Each of our cottages are stunning barn conversions with the capacity to house up to 20 people in complete comfort. What’s more, the surrounding Derbyshire countryside provides second-to-none views that can be enjoyed in all weathers.

Our holiday cottages in the West Midlands are fully equipped for a stay that even the most discerning Dad’s will love. From relaxing lounge areas to fully equipped and functional kitchens, you’ll find everything you need to make your stay enjoyable!

Things to do at our holiday cottages in the West Midlands this Father’s Day

Whether you choose to take a relaxing stroll or prefer to be on the go, we’ve got something for you. For foodie fathers, we offer our own onsite cafe serving hearty breakfasts and snacks throughout the day. And if you don’t feel like cooking we’ve a range of pubs and restaurants on our doorstep. All ready and waiting to serve up a gastronomical feast!

And for a Father’s Day treat, why not give him the gift of clay shooting lessons? Our friendly expert instructors will show beginners how it’s done in a fun and relaxed environment. And we’re guessing there’s a few competitive dads out there that will love getting stuck into a new activity!

Get in touch to book holiday cottages in the West Midlands

Your dad deserves the best, and our holiday cottages in the West Midlands are just the thing for a family getaway in the countryside. So, give us a call today and see how we can help you make this Father’s Day 2019 the best yet!