Have Shooting Lessons in The West Midlands This Summer!

Shooting lessons in the West Midlands

What could be better than making the most out of the British sunshine, learning something new with our fantastic shooting lessons in the West Midlands? Here at Doveridge, we are experts at giving beginners and experienced shooters the chance to enhance their skills in the Derbyshire countryside along with our skilled instructors who know what it takes to bring out talents you never thought you had…

Simply come and visit us for a lesson and discover for yourself why clay shooting is one of the most respected sports to learn!

Enhance Your Skills with Our Shooting Lessons in the West Midlands

To make our shooting lessons in the West Midlands the best available in the UK, we have carefully put together a variety of shooting activities that are designed to teach you valuable skills whilst remaining fun for you to enjoy. Be surprised by the amount you will learn with us such as problem solving, concentration, and multi-tasking, all of which can be used in everyday life and work!

Along with our fantastic activities and grounds, we also have amazing facilities that you will not find anywhere else… Game shooting such as high tower, skeet, rabbit, and driven flush will get your adrenaline going and every clay that you shoot will be an achievement.

So that all our shooting lessons in the West Midlands are exciting and suitable to your standards, we change activities and games based on your level of skill. This kind of approach means that as your talents grow, you will be faced with more challenging and rewarding lessons for a sense of accomplishment at the end of your lesson.

Book Our Shooting Lessons in the West Midlands

Does shooting lessons in the West Midlands sound right for you? Contact us today to book your first lesson and do not miss us on this exciting sport – you can even bring along your friends and learn together!

If you wish to, take a look at our virtual tour  and discover our tranquil facilities you’ll be taught in.