Celebrate the Arrival of Summer with a Trip to Our Holiday Cottages in the Midlands

Holiday cottages in the Midlands

Summer has finally arrived so why not plan a trip to our stunning holiday cottages in the Midlands?

Recent investment has transformed our self-catering cottages into the perfect destination for families in Derbyshire and the surrounding counties.
Boasting stunning architectural designs our cottages are all barn conversions which include modern facilities and will house up to 20 people!

Plus you get stunning views of the nearby Weaver Hills which is on the outskirts of the Peak District between Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

Take Aim for Holiday Cottages in the Midlands

Fitted with contemporary and stylish furniture, here are some of the other features of our cottages at Doveridge:

• Television
• Comfy Beds
• Fully equipped kitchen
• Private bathroom fitted with a WC, Basin, Towel rail and shower
• Two cottages also feature a bath
• Utility room with a washing machine and tumble dryer

If you don’t fancy cooking, we also have an on-site café that serves breakfast and light snacks throughout the day (when we are open).
Doveridge also isn’t far from a host of country pubs that serve locally produced foods plus Uttoxeter’s network of mainstream, Indian and Chinese restaurants.

If you want an activity to keep you busy during the day you could also give our clay pigeon shooting facilities a try?
We have been awarded the CPSA Premier Plus rank – which is one of the highest accolades available for a clay shooting range which ensures every part of our grounds is of the best standard.

Our shooting grounds are designated for different shooting sports which can all be booked by contacting us.

Book Your Holiday Cottage in the Midlands Today

So what are you waiting for?
No matter how you’d like to spend the summer holidays, join us at Doveridge Clay Sports. We guarantee once you’ve tried our holiday cottages in the Midlands you will be booking for next year in no time.
Get in touch today to find out more.


Safety Advice for Clay Shooting Lessons in the West Midlands

clay shooting lessons - doveridge clay sports

If you’re considering taking clay shooting lessons for the first time, then knowing the safety essentials will help make this an experience to remember.
Doveridge Clay Sports is the leading venue for clay pigeon shooting and lessons across the West Midlands in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.
In our latest blog, we are going to share some of our safety tips for beginners.

Shooting for Success with Clay Lessons in the West Midlands

Our experienced instructors have drawn up nine tips for success in clay pigeon shooting –

1. Ear Protection – Rifles are extremely loud; especially when up close so using high-quality hearing protection is a must. Luckily, we can provide this once you arrive at Doveridge Clay Sports.
2. Eye Protection – Much the same as protecting your eyes it’s important to protect your eyes from any material, recoil hazards or flying clay debris.
3. Don’t Drink Before ShootingDoveridge Clay Sports is an extremely popular destination for stag and hen parties, but we would strongly recommend not drinking any alcohol before shooting. Alcohol slows your reactions down and judgement so doesn’t risk potentially injuring yourself and others.
4. Never Point a Gun at Someone Else – Even if your gun isn’t loaded do not point it at another person under no circumstances. Accidents can happen but these can be prevented with sensible behaviour.
5. Only Point Your Gun at Target – More common sense but only point your gun at your clay pigeon targets and keep it pointed downrange when not being used.
6. Break Your Gun When Walking or Talking – Whether you’re taking a break, talking to someone or walking; break your gun so you won’t accidentally shoot your rifle.
7. Load Your Gun When You Want to Use – Leaving a loaded gun around is dangerous so only load it when you are ready to use it.
8. Treat Your Gun as If It’s Always Loaded – Treat your gun with respect at all times; remember you’re carrying a live weapon.
9. Pack Good Footwear – Sturdy footwear will reduce any slips and trips that may occur in our countryside location.

Here at Doveridge Clay Sports, we offer the following packages for shooting lessons –

• 25 clays and cartridges, instructor and hire of all equipment – £35 per person
• 50 clays and cartridges, instructor and hire of all equipment – £55 per person
• 75 clays and cartridges, instructor and hire of all equipment – £70 per person
• 100 clays and cartridges, instructor and hire of all equipment – £90 per person

Come and Give Shooting Lessons a Try at Doveridge Clay Sports

For more information about our clay shooting lessons or to book up you and your friends or family please contact us today.
We also offer various range of packages for team building days; ideal for smaller and large businesses in the Midlands.


Begin a new hobby this summer with clay lessons in the Midlands!

Try clay lessons in the Midlands this summer!

As the weather begins to slowly improve and summer comes our way, it’s time to get outdoors.  And spending time in the great outdoors is great for both our mental and physical health. While a new hobby is an opportunity to learn and improve on a skill.

If you’re looking for something new to do in the fresh air come rain or shine (we’re looking at you, British summer weather) then clay sports shooting might be just the thing to kickstart a new hobby in 2019.

Whether you are responsible for organising hen or stag do activities, or you’re looking for fun things to do, clay sports shooting is an activity that can be enjoyed by both experienced shooters and complete beginners alike.

At Doveridge, we offer a range of variations in clay shooting including English skeet & Olympic skeet, compak sporting, down the line, automatic ball trap, and high tower. If this all sounds a bit too technical for you right now, don’t worry! We also offer clay lessons in the Midlands for complete beginners, with highly qualified instructors who will show you the ins and outs in a friendly environment.

What to expect from clay shooting lessons?

If you’re on the hunt for clay lessons in the Midlands, here at Doveridge Clay Sports we’ve got you covered. In your first lesson, one of our expert instructors will introduce you to the basic skills you’ll need to become a pro. From one of our specially built clay shooting stands, you’ll be shown:

  • How to stand;
  • Posture;
  • Loading your gun;
  • Safety;
  • How to shoot accurately

We’re no strangers to beginners of clay shooting, so why not visit us soon. Our lessons are geared towards building your confidence from the ground up in a stress free and enjoyable way. We’re sure you’ll love it!

Get in touch for clay lessons in the Midlands

Whether you’re a solo enthusiast looking to hone your skills, a group of friends after a great day out, or you’re on the hunt for a team building activity that’s a little bit different – clay sports shooting is a fantastic option that everyone can enjoy.

Contact our team today for more information and booking. Or, if you’re on the hunt for a gift with a twist, check out our gift vouchers!



Treat Dad With A Stay At Our Holiday Cottages In The West Midlands

Treat dad with a stay at our cottages in the west midlands

Father’s Day is only a month away (Sunday 16th June – don’t forget!) and if you’re looking for ways to treat your dad, why not book a stay at one of Doveridge Clay Sports holiday cottages in the West Midlands?

Accessible from anywhere in the country, our centrally located holiday cottages are the perfect getaway for busy dads and families.

About our beautiful holiday cottages in the West Midlands

At Doveridge, we think it’s so important to enjoy time surrounded by green spaces and fresh air. That’s why our self catering holiday cottages in the West Midlands are the perfect location for a weekend break away from the hustle and bustle. Each of our cottages are stunning barn conversions with the capacity to house up to 20 people in complete comfort. What’s more, the surrounding Derbyshire countryside provides second-to-none views that can be enjoyed in all weathers.

Our holiday cottages in the West Midlands are fully equipped for a stay that even the most discerning Dad’s will love. From relaxing lounge areas to fully equipped and functional kitchens, you’ll find everything you need to make your stay enjoyable!

Things to do at our holiday cottages in the West Midlands this Father’s Day

Whether you choose to take a relaxing stroll or prefer to be on the go, we’ve got something for you. For foodie fathers, we offer our own onsite cafe serving hearty breakfasts and snacks throughout the day. And if you don’t feel like cooking we’ve a range of pubs and restaurants on our doorstep. All ready and waiting to serve up a gastronomical feast!

And for a Father’s Day treat, why not give him the gift of clay shooting lessons? Our friendly expert instructors will show beginners how it’s done in a fun and relaxed environment. And we’re guessing there’s a few competitive dads out there that will love getting stuck into a new activity!

Get in touch to book holiday cottages in the West Midlands

Your dad deserves the best, and our holiday cottages in the West Midlands are just the thing for a family getaway in the countryside. So, give us a call today and see how we can help you make this Father’s Day 2019 the best yet!


Celebrate the Bank Holiday Weekend at Holiday Cottages in the Midlands

Holiday cottages in the West Midlands

Holiday cottages in the Midlands at Doveridge Clay Sports are the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming late May bank holiday weekend.
Whether you want to try your hand at clay pigeon shooting or just want to get away for a few days; our fully furbished barn conversions have everything you need. These cottages can house up to 20 people plus they are architecturally stunning with interior design including exposed beams oozing charm and a welcoming environment.
With their own lounge fitted with stylish furniture, a television and CD radio plus a fully equipped kitchen if you fancy home-cooked meals while on vacation.

Holiday Cottages in the Midlands in Gorgeous Surroundings

Our plush holiday cottages will give you the chance to take in the beautiful Midlands countryside; the perfect setting for some clay pigeon shooting.
The second May bank holiday weekend is typically the time of year when the temperature starts to heat up and you can get out more and try something new such as shooting.
This bank holiday weekend is sometimes known as the ‘Spring Bank Holiday’ was first celebrated in 1967, replacing Whit Monday as a public holiday in the UK.
In 2012 this bank holiday was moved to early June for the first time to allow a four day weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Holiday Cottages in the Midlands Ready for Hen and Stag Parties

Clay pigeon shooting is fast becoming one of the alternative ways you can celebrate a stag or hen party. Having an activity with a competitive edge will help your groups to bond with a bit of friendly competition, plus they can all stay in one of our barn conversions!

Book Your Holiday Cottages in the Midlands

A short vacation at Doveridge Clay Sports will give you a bank holiday weekend you won’t forget.
If you’d like to know more about our holiday cottages, please get in touch today and we can answer any questions you’ve got.


Clay Shooting in the West Midlands Specialists

clay shooting in the West Midlands

Clay shooting in the West Midlands at Doveridge Clay Sports is a great activity for a group of friends, family or co-workers alike.
All of the instructors working at Doveridge are fully trained with loads of experience that they can pass on to first time shooters and regular visitors too.

Teaching Tools for Clay Shooting in the West Midlands

If you’ve ever considered becoming a clay shooting instructor, here are some essential traits every instructor has –
Credibility – Having a wealth of experience in the shooting game will help to put the people you’re instructing at ease. Competing in high profile competitions and knowing how they run their shoots and the types of targets they present.
You wouldn’t have a driving lesson from someone who’s never driven a car, would you?
Communication – Being able to communicate effectively with your clients is a huge part of being an instructor. Everyone is different so being able to talk to beginners as clearly as a group of men on a stag do will help take all of your shooters skills to the next level.
Patience – Not everyone will be a natural when it comes to clay shooting so having a degree of patience is key. On the flipside, you may encounter experienced shooters who need a bit of guidance to adapt and improve their game.
Qualified – To be able to teach clay shooting you will need your own shotgun certificate plus it’s a good idea to have a firearms certificate.
Knowledge – Knowledge is power, so reading and researching extensively about the shooting world plus having a firm grasp of the main shooting methods is a big advantage. The more knowledge and techniques you can pass on to clients the better instructor you will be.

Give Clay Shooting in the West Midlands a Go

The Bramley family have been running Doveridge Clay Sports for 16 years, boasting years of shooting experience including Olympic Skeet and other competitions worldwide.
Clay shooting in the West Midlands at our stunning 70-acre grounds in Ashbourne, Derbyshire is one of the best ways to switch off the daily stresses of life.

Contact our customer service team to find out more.