Safety Advice for Clay Shooting Lessons in the West Midlands

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If you’re considering taking clay shooting lessons for the first time, then knowing the safety essentials will help make this an experience to remember.
Doveridge Clay Sports is the leading venue for clay pigeon shooting and lessons across the West Midlands in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.
In our latest blog, we are going to share some of our safety tips for beginners.

Shooting for Success with Clay Lessons in the West Midlands

Our experienced instructors have drawn up nine tips for success in clay pigeon shooting –

1. Ear Protection – Rifles are extremely loud; especially when up close so using high-quality hearing protection is a must. Luckily, we can provide this once you arrive at Doveridge Clay Sports.
2. Eye Protection – Much the same as protecting your eyes it’s important to protect your eyes from any material, recoil hazards or flying clay debris.
3. Don’t Drink Before ShootingDoveridge Clay Sports is an extremely popular destination for stag and hen parties, but we would strongly recommend not drinking any alcohol before shooting. Alcohol slows your reactions down and judgement so doesn’t risk potentially injuring yourself and others.
4. Never Point a Gun at Someone Else – Even if your gun isn’t loaded do not point it at another person under no circumstances. Accidents can happen but these can be prevented with sensible behaviour.
5. Only Point Your Gun at Target – More common sense but only point your gun at your clay pigeon targets and keep it pointed downrange when not being used.
6. Break Your Gun When Walking or Talking – Whether you’re taking a break, talking to someone or walking; break your gun so you won’t accidentally shoot your rifle.
7. Load Your Gun When You Want to Use – Leaving a loaded gun around is dangerous so only load it when you are ready to use it.
8. Treat Your Gun as If It’s Always Loaded – Treat your gun with respect at all times; remember you’re carrying a live weapon.
9. Pack Good Footwear – Sturdy footwear will reduce any slips and trips that may occur in our countryside location.

Here at Doveridge Clay Sports, we offer the following packages for shooting lessons –

• 25 clays and cartridges, instructor and hire of all equipment – £35 per person
• 50 clays and cartridges, instructor and hire of all equipment – £55 per person
• 75 clays and cartridges, instructor and hire of all equipment – £70 per person
• 100 clays and cartridges, instructor and hire of all equipment – £90 per person

Come and Give Shooting Lessons a Try at Doveridge Clay Sports

For more information about our clay shooting lessons or to book up you and your friends or family please contact us today.
We also offer various range of packages for team building days; ideal for smaller and large businesses in the Midlands.